Chef’s Theatre lineup

Chef’s Theatre invites the best professional cooks using fresh and local ingredients to inspire food lovers. Learn some tips and tricks of the trade, buy a little produce from one of our producers and then try a little experimental home cooking.


11:00amKaty Ashworth CBeebies' Katy Ashworth is at Farm Feast to inspire little cooks
12:00pmNisha Katona Mowgli's Nisha Katona shares her passion for Indian cooking
1:00pmKaty Ashworth Inspiring little cooks
2:00pmMatt Worswick Chef Matt Worswick shares his passion for cooking
3:00pmKaty Ashworth Katy Ashworth is at Farm Feast to inspire little cooks
4:00pmMoyo Benson Moyo from Nova shares his inspiration for cooking with fresh, locally sourced ingredients
5:00pmMatt Worswick Thornton Hall's Matt Worswick


11:00amKaty Ashworth Katy Ashworth will inspire little cooks
11:40amJohn Whaite Chef and baker John Whaite
12:20pmLuke Thomas Britain's youngest chef
1:20pmKaty Ashworth Inspire your little cooks to find out where their food comes from
2:00pmJohn Whaite John Whaite shares his passion for baking
3:00pmKaty Ashworth CBeebies' Katy Ashworth will be inspiring little cooks to be in the kitchen and learn where their food comes from
3:40pmJohn Whaite Chef and baker
4:00pmNisha Katona A passion for great flavours

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