About Chefs Adopt a School

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Chefs Adopt a School is a food education programme developed and delivered by the UK’s leading chefs. This initiative teaches children about food, food provenance, nutrition, hygiene and cookery and aims to demonstrate that children educated about food will grow up into healthy, food-aware adults that can make informed choices about the way they eat and live. They strive to raise awareness of cookery as a life skill that adults and children alike can share and enjoy. 

Leading the Chef’s Adopt A School cooking workshops for the Little Feasters at Farm Feast, is James Holden. The North West Regional Chef has been promoting the healthy eating message of Chef’s Adopt A School for nearly 7 years through initial school sessions, hands-on workshops and demonstrations. It is for this work that James has been awarded the Springboard Annual Award for Excellence for Best Regional Initiative. 

James and Chef’s Adopt A School have been a popular feature at the festival over the last few years and they will be appearing this year with an delicious programme of workshops for the kids to get their hands stuck in to! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates on what delicious recipes will be on Chef’s Adopt A School’s menu for kids at Farm Feast 2014!  

Chefs Adopt A School is part of The Academy of Culinary Arts

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