A DJ since 1985, a fine wine merchant,a sneaker junkie and a family man walk into a bar…insert the sound of a record scratching to a halt coupled with puzzled stares. A motley crew of personalities it would seem but this is really just the description of one man and one man only . Adam Speechly. This cast of characters play the various roles in his creatively self formed life. DJ Adam ” Pooky ” Speechly is the creative force behind this wild operation. He owns and runs his beloved Adam’s Fine Wines , which incorporates it’s own ” Beat Bodega ” recording studio , trades in high end sneakers and streetwear. It’s unclear as to whether he runs the shop by day and DJ’s by night or whether he is really just moonlighting as a wine merchant. ( It’s fair to say the top hat of the many hats he wears is one of a music man.) Looking at his shop there are signed records on one wall , fine wines on the others and sneakers hidden in every nook . It is a gonzo laboratory of music, style, culture and business. ” Wine upfront and gear in the rear. ”

Listen and find out more soundcloud.com/adam-speechly-aka-pooky