She Drew The Gun

So the story goes, our heavy hearted songstress, looking to the sky for answers, was met with a message from some future pocket of civilisation. A band of outlaw scientists trying to get their point to some past human, turned storyteller. Her name is Louisa and she became SDTG. Then SDTG became more than she, a circle of friends talented in the art of music, ready to enter the airwaves.

SDTG is Louisa, Sian, Jack, Jenny & friends, signed to Skeleton Key Records, Liverpool UK. Following the release of debut single ‘If You Could See’, multiple national radio plays and blog praise has established a firm foundation for 2015. Subsequently, a nationwide UK tour with label-mates The Sundowners has built upon an ever-growing fan-base, with a new single and debut album all but finished and soon to be released.

The Coral’s James Skelly and co-producer Richard Turvey have been instrumental, consolidating a distinct acoustic sound and facilitating the transformation into a bona fide full band, simultaneously projecting SDTG onto the national stage…

“fast becoming one of my favourite singles of 2015” Steve Lamacq BBC R6Music

“Like Laura Marling and Portishead at a mushroom tea party”

“Sounds like now”

“her delivery is as majestic as an iceberg and twice as lethal. And yet it smoulders too” Louis

“This is the real deal, from heart to ear so to speak” Andy Von PIP..

“songs to clear the mind and re-focus”